Color Test

“Color Test” project brings together several of my previous works through which I have investigated color and the material properties of the photographic image. Taken over of the last several years, works such as Six Color Transparencies, Color-Sync, White Slide, and Color Polaroid Tests, subject the photographic medium through mechanisms of projection and installation to open up a conversation about the subjective perception of color and modes of display. While investigating the physical properties of the photographic objects, I am treating photographs as both a material and representation.

"Can you take a color photograph of pure color and achieve something that even approaches the original? Only if you take a “bad” photograph, according to Pavlovic. Appearances are deceiving in Six Color Transparencies, a group of solid color photographs representing Pavlovic's investigation of the photograph as object. Decidedly her most minimal work, here the surface and physical properties of the photographs are key. Pavlovic achieves her saturated tones by purposefully blurring the image, effectively erasing what grain might show up in print while negating photography’s usual intent of objectivity. It is a strange inversion as the final photographs are truer representations of the actual subject (color) than can be achieved with the most expert of techniques. For the installation at Lawrimore Project, Pavlovic will use a gallery window as a filter, and photo-grey painted gallery wall exposing the friction between the medium of representation, black and white and color photography, objecthood and the conditions of viewing. Six Color Transparencies appeared previously as a part of the Pavlovic's Display, Desire installation at G Fine Art in Washington, D.C., an exhibition exploring American model homes."

Scott Lawrimore and Yoko Ott, on occasion of the "Patch Dynamics - Six New Invasions to the Field" exhibition at
Lawrimore Project Gallery, in Seattle in 2009.

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